MyRudolf Alexa Skill

With the introduction of Amazon Alexa, I decided to build my first skill. It gives you real time schedules of the Viennese public transport. So in a nutshell you could ask in German: “Alexa, wann fährt die nächste Linie 1 vom Rathausplatz?” which basically means “Alexa, tell me when the next line 1 is driving from Rathausplatz”. Alexa then gives you real time information for both directions of that line and stop.


  1. Setup DynamoDB for caching
  2. Study Open Data public transport API
  3. Create skill in Node.js
  4. Implement algorithms for speech to text matching
  5. Deploy to AWS Lambda


  • Javascript


  • Open Data Wiener Linien
  • NPM
  • DynamoDB
  • AWS Lambda


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