Master’s Thesis

Full Title (German)

Methoden zur automatisierten Erfassung und semantischen Aufbereitung semi-strukturierter Textdokumente

English Translation

Methods for automated scraping and semantic processing of semi-structured text documents


This thesis deals with the extraction of semi-structured legal texts from the Austrian Rechtsinformationssystem (RIS), as well as their processing and demonstration in form of a well-structured and searchable law database in an iOS app.

It deals with state of the art techniques in web scraping, gives improvement tips for gathering and extending the data and conducts expert interviews with jurists to evaluate the idea and advantages of the iOS prototype.

The results of this thesis show that the extraction of semi-structured data for new and innovative solutions is meaningful and can enrich people in their everyday life. However, more complex requests require a lot of data to be able to give intelligent answers.

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