Gatherer SaaS Backend

At my past startup “Gatherer” I was responsible for creating our backend from scratch. The goal was to build a multi-tenant SaaS backend in a micro service fashion supporting multiple customers with scoped data. Several micro services make up the backend including a REST API and workers for sending push notifications and e-mails. Due to performance and scalability I decided to build our micro services in Go.


  1. Multi-tenant REST API
  2. Rock-solid role and permission system
  3. Queues via AWS SQS
  4. Micro service workers for sending pushes & e-mails
  5. Firebase for sending pushes
  6. CI with Codeship
  7. Deployment with AWS CodeDeploy


  • Go / Golang


  • Glide
  • Docker
  • Codeship
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS EC2
  • Firebase
  • Terraform

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